Happy March Greetings

Happy March Greetings

Happy March greetings and thanks very much for following along here at BerniceRanalli.ca. You are likely part of my wonderfully engaged Facebook community or you’ve seen my posts on LinkedIn or I C Publishing; however, just in case you missed any, here’s a quick recap of some of my blogs for your reading enjoyment. We had a little technical glitch with our blog distribution recently, although I believe we have it rectified moving forward.

Are You Patient or Impatient?

Would you consider yourself patient or impatient? Often frustrated with his slowness, Paul taught me to be his teacher. Over the next few months I am going to take the poem from the introduction in Paulie and Me and break it down for you. I will expand on each line and elaborate on what it means to me. In doing so, I hope that it helps you in your own journey and self-awareness. As I ponder the messages I want to convey here on my blog, I find I continue to grow too. Thank you for that.

“Often frustrated with his slowness, Paul taught me to be his teacher.”

You can read the full post here.

Somebody Loves Me

“Enveloped in his unconditional adoration of me, Paul taught me how to love”

Taken from my introduction of Paulie and Me, this line in the poem speaks to love. Yet in order to talk about love, I also believe it’s wise to consider the many different kinds of love, not to mention those opposite feelings and emotions such as one’s fears and insecurities . . .

What is pure love? What does it mean to you?

Check out the rest of my message here.

Upcoming “Meet and Greet” Events

I am continually honoured by the wonderful feedback many of you have shared with me upon reading Paulie and Me. Over the next several months, I am excited to announce that I will be appearing at several local Indigo bookstores for a Meet and Greet event to introduce Paulie and Me: The Joys and Struggles of Growing up with My Special Needs Brother to an even wider audience. And I would love for you to drop by.

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And here are just a few more nuggets of inspiration . . .


The Problem Isn’t Them, It’s Me

A Special Message from My Father /

A New Day

We have an opportunity to reset every day and season. I wish you the very best this month and for all that the longer, warmer days of spring have to offer.

Did you know? If you belong to an organization, church, or special interest group that may be looking for guest speakers, I am booking into the spring and summer months and would love to oblige with a reading from Paulie and Me and a talk about the joys and struggles of growing up with a special needs sibling.

Stay well, and I hope to see you soon.

Warmest regards,

Bernice Ranalli

Author, Bernice Ranalli

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