Praise for Paulie and Me

“A great read!! Destined to be a best seller!

What a fabulous book. Thoroughly enjoyed this book from beginning to end. Well written heartwarming story that anyone can relate to. A great read for anyone wanting to read an inspirational story. Would definitely recommend

Jennifer Houle

“Touching…What a wonderful read!

This book gave me a perspective on life I have never seen before. Special needs means special triumphs, special growth. and a very special love. An awesome fireside read. Highly recommended.”

Steve H

“Thanks so much for sharing so honestly your joys and struggles in your life and also growing up with a special needs brother. It made me so aware once again we don’t know always know of other people’s crosses they bear.

Her loving soul for Paul is beautiful and in return brings joy even through the midst of struggles. Loved so much how she paralleled her life story with creation and nature at its best. Was an honour to meet Bernice and Paul.”

Evelyn Tilstra

“You did well with your reading at the book launch and it brought tears to my eyes. When returning home Sunday night, I just had to sit down and read the book. It is well written. Loved how you tied life at Georgian Bay in your story. Also appreciated your vulnerability by sharing your story.”

Martin and Carolyn Hamming

“I just finished the book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It brought me many smiles and tears. Thanks to Bernice for sharing her story.”

Teresa Stephenson