Book Launch and November Events

Book Launch and November Events

November is going to be a very exciting month. My book Paulie and Me is being printed and will be available for sale soon in the I C Publishing bookstore. It is currently available in PDF format and will be available in print format by the week of November 12th.

After seven years of writing, dreaming, re-writing, editing and fine tuning, I can hardly believe it is finally here. I can’t wait for you to read our story; the story of Paulie and Me.

During the first week of November, I am participating in The Sibling Collaborative Meet-Up Series. The Sibling Collaborative is a partnership of adults with a brother or sister with a developmental disability who have come together with the purpose of connecting siblings and strengthening families. I am looking forward to a relaxed evening of connecting with other adult siblings that have a brother or sister with an intellectual or developmental disability.

Then later, around mid-November, Paul and I will spend an afternoon with our friends and family to present my book, offer up some readings and celebrate. I am sure I will have some photos to post!

I will keep you posted when the book is available for sale, so you can get your very own copy. I look forward to hearing from all of you as well, once the book has been released. I can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

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Author, Bernice Ranalli

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Paulie and Me – The Joys and Struggles of Growing Up with My Special Needs Brother