A New Day

A New Day

Exhausted from the effort of helping others navigate the season, full from the many festivities, and saturated from all of our indulgences, this is the time we often feel ready to make some changes. Whether it’s a sibling with special needs, a parent or spouse, children, or just yourself that you look after, the change into a new year provides us an opportunity to begin again.

On January first or second we leap into our new me mode, usually with a zest that rivals jumping into a cool blue pool on a sweltering hot day.

            But there is a problem with New Year’s Resolutions. As we eagerly begin our transformation—determined that this will be the answer to our woes—and our healthy eating has had a chance to revive our tired bodies a bit, we become bored. We have altered our lifestyle so dramatically that it feels foreign. We start to crave the excitement of more social time again, even the parties, the pizzas and the wings. We miss that piece of chocolate and the glass of wine.

            So how then do we moderate our lives with just the right amount of fun and just the right amount of self-care in order that we can be our best selves for us and others?

The reality is, we have a chance to start over every day. We can make choices that will satisfy both the healthy and the social in us. And not just at the turn of the new year.

            I like to start my mornings with meditation. It brings me back to my core being, my spirit—back to me. For five years or so, I have practiced twenty minutes of meditation each and every morning. Taking that time in the morning after either a night of peaceful slumber or wild dreams grounds me and reminds me of my chance to start over. In the event that I overate last night, overindulged in life, or quarreled with my mate, I remember that today is a new day and I can once again resolve to make better choices.

            So, as you go flying eagerly off on your New Year’s Resolution journey, remember when your determination begins to wane and you get frustrated with your humanness, every morning is another new day and you can once again recommit to all that matters to you in this moment.

            I invite you to join in the conversation and keep in touch here and on Facebook. Have a wonderful new year!

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Author, Bernice Ranalli

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